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About the Free Indeed Home

The Free Indeed Home is a home dedicated to the rehabilitation of minor female victims of sex trafficking and/or sexual exploitation. The home, which is located in an undisclosed location in the Greater New Orleans area, is able to accommodate up to 8 girls. At no cost to the girls, the Free Indeed Home provides comprehensive services to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health, while also improving life skills and educational levels. The Free Indeed Home model is divided into 7 distinct categories and more thoroughly explained below.


Staff will work with law enforcement to determine if the girls were trafficked and qualify to live in the Free Indeed Home. Also, by partnering with the Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services, judicial personnel and social workers, the Free Indeed Home staff will recruit girls as residents for the home. 

Physical Health

The Free Indeed Home will provide the minor children with the opportunity to exercise to maintain adequate physical health. Medical care and dental care will also be provided at no cost to the children. The children will also receive dietician-approved meals.

Mental Health

The minor children will be provided with the opportunity to attend trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy sessions. Their therapy may be supplemented with both art and music therapy immediately. Equine and pet therapy are long-term goals for supplemental therapy sessions at the Free Indeed Home. Residents will also receive full psychological evaluations as seen fit by the Supervising Practitioner.


                Therapy Room for individual and small group counseling. 

                Therapy Room for individual and small group counseling. 


Spiritual Health

The minor children will  be given the opportunity to attend a Spiritual Awareness class, where they are able to explore their spirituality and spend time in self-reflection. Optional Bible studies will be provided to all residents willing to participate. Also, optional attendance at church services and participation in youth groups will be provided for the children.

Life Skills

 Seemingly simple household skills are some of the things that these children have been robbed of learning from a parent/guardian. The staff at the home will dedicate time to teach things such as how to prepare a grocery list, how to follow recipes, bed making, proper flossing, completing chores, etc. The minor children will have many opportunities to participate in group outings with the Free Indeed Home staff members and interns. They will be encouraged to take both financial management and vocational training courses.


Home school education will be provided to all children. The option for GED classes will be provided to children that were did not finish high school. Home schooling allows the children to learn at an appropriate pace without the fear and distractions of having peers disrupt their progress in therapy by inquiring about their past. This provides security and the best possible learning environment for the girls. 


Upon completion of the Free Indeed Home program, girls will be reintegrated into society. The Free Indeed Home staff will ensure that each child is equipped with proper continuing education and psychotherapy, appropriate employment, and a safe, comfortable living situation after leaving the home. Ideally, minor children who will be placed in foster care will have monitored interactions with their future foster care parents while living in the home and will be transferred to their care after completing the Free Indeed Home program.