Community Education

Educating to prevent, recognize and report human trafficking.

As part of the awareness campaign, LACAHT hosts events for all community members, including but not limited to schools, churches, first responders, health care, businesses and civic organizations. LACAHT adapts pre-existing human trafficking curriculums to be relevant to the issue in Louisiana and uses the updated curriculums at educational events. If you would like a representative of LACAHT to speak at or host an event, please fill out the form on our Request a Speaker page.

LACAHT also promotes state human trafficking awareness events on the website calendar in an effort to encourage community members to attend these events. The calendar is regularly updated with both LACAHT and partner organization’s events.

Lastly, LACAHT hosts an annual conference to promote human trafficking awareness throughout the state of Louisiana. Speakers from throughout the state are brought in to give law enforcement and organizational perspectives on the issue and to provide practical responses for community members wishing to be involved. The first annual conference will be held this February. If you are interested, please register on our 2014 North Shore Human Trafficking Conference page.