Dr. Rafael and Beth Salcedo established LACAHT as a response to their increasing awareness of this destructive social ill.  After becoming aware of the lives of these child victims, the enormity of the problem, and lack of viable solutions in Louisiana, they decided to become proactive in the movement . 

Initial efforts focused on community awareness and education.  However, due to the scarcity of rescue and restorative resources available for these severely traumatized children in Louisiana, the Salcedo’s purposed to open the Free Indeed Home, a therapeutic group home for girls.   

In the fall of 2013, a home ideally suited for the healing and restoration of these young girls was acquired.  Since that time, countless hours of work has been put into the home by numerous volunteers. LACAHT is thankful for every person who joined in the effort to turn the house into a beautiful, renovated home for the girls. The Free Indeed Home has passed all inspections from the appropriate state agencies and awaits final licensing so the doors can be opened. The staff are eager to begin working and serving the victims of domestic minor sex trafficking.  

Please contact the staff for ways you can be a part of what will one day be the History of the Free Indeed Home.