LACAHT’s Mission

The Louisiana Coalition Against Human Trafficking, a 501(c)3 faith-based nonprofit, was established to combat the epidemic of human trafficking, including commercial labor and sex trafficking, in Louisiana.

Goals & Objectives

Goal 1: To provide human trafficking awareness to all community members and government agencies in Louisiana

Community Awareness

  • Promote human trafficking awareness through the Community Events Calendar on the LACAHT website
  • Facilitate annual human trafficking awareness conference in Louisiana

Government Agency Training

  • Provide “Human Trafficking in Louisiana” educational courses to relevant government officials (including but not limited to judges, lawyers, law enforcement, government agencies)


  • Acquire member organizations for coalition partnerships
  • Conduct and/or promote events in coordination with member organizations 

Goal 2: To provide comprehensive rehabilitation services for all underage female victims of sex trafficking in Louisiana

The Free Indeed Home

  • Provide a holistic approach to recovery that includes mental health counseling, interpersonal relationship and social skills training, independent living skills training, medical and dental intervention, education, spiritual exploration, vocational counseling/training and job placement.
  • Augment intensive one-on-one counseling including hippo-therapy, pet, music, art and aqua therapies.
  • Offer allied health services such as physical, speech and occupational therapies.


You may request a more detailed outline of LACAHT’s Goals, Objectives, and Activities by emailing