Rafael Salcedo, Ph. D.

Louisiana Coalition against Human Trafficking Director, Co-Founder

Dr. Rafael Salcedo earned his Doctorate from Louisiana State University in Clinical Psychology, with a subspecialty in Forensic Psychology. He has been practicing forensic clinical psychology in the New Orleans area for 28 years. Rafael has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of abused and neglected children and adolescents, including 21 years of performing psychological evaluations for the Department of Children and Family Services. He also interacts with the courts concerning a variety of psychological-legal issues in the Greater Metropolitan area of New Orleans. His experience and knowledge of human trafficking enables him to provide education, engage in legislative advocacy, and enhance community awareness


Beth Salcedo, M.A.

Free Indeed Home Director, Co-Founder

Beth earned her Master's degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Communication Disorders. She has been practicing in the New Orleans area for 27 years. Beth has extensive experience in the development and implementation of rehabilitation programs, with an emphasis on communication/social issues and life skills training. Her view of rehabilitation is based on her belief that faith-based treatment is relevant for healing and restoration, particularly in the area of severe trauma, as experienced by children who have been victims of human trafficking