Thank You

On behalf of the future girls at the Free Indeed Home and the LACAHT staff, we thank you for your time spent reading the information on this page. We thank you for your prayers on behalf of the home and the girls it will house. We thank you for your belief that through the love of Christ, true restoration is absolutely possible for these children. We thank you for your time volunteering to make this home and service possible. We also thank you for each and every generous contribution. We would not be able to achieve our mission without your support and are, therefore, truly grateful for your donation.

If you are interested in specific prayer requests, learning of any needs not stated on this site, or sharing what you believe to be encouraging words, please feel free to email us at 

As a part of our financial support team, we encourage you to hold the LACAHT staff accountable for their financial transactions. Please visit our Annual Reports page to view our yearly budget expenditures.